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Horațiu Hagiu

Founder & Senior Partner

Founder partner of Weex Global – the former Ascelis Active FiNANCE – having more than 20 years’ experience in the financial & accounting sector and as a business consultant, Horațiu took part in countless project of high competency for local and international entities.

The force behind Tax Camp – the only event of its kind in Romania, a genuine camp for taxation, accounting and personal development, Horațiu has coordinated thousands of economists, chartered accountants and relevant professionals from all over the country during this biannual event with a history of more than 15 years.

We are a team of experts in the financial & accounting field who deals with successful businesses

We can team up with you also if you want your business to thrive.<br>
We are always prepared and up-to-date with the legislation so that your business will have nothing to lose.

Innovation and Digitalization

Fast services, with or without automatization. It is always better to use proficient software solutions; we can implement them for you and teach you how to better use them to your advantage.


Your difficulties will be known only to us. All the solutions will get to the concerned parties. Your personal information and all the date will be always handled in your best interest, because we will be professional no matter what.


You can actually trust us more than you trust yourself. The business that you own will be in the skillful hands of an experts’ team, and will be handled with care. Always.


The ends do not justify the means, and we will maintain our integrity even when we are passionate and most enthusiastic to help you reach your goals.

Services that we provide:

Digital accounting.
Payroll. HR.

and taxation counseling.

What do the pros say in the taxation field.
Relevant and useful recommendations.

See the team

If you want the best solution for you and your business, let’s meet.

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Our clients:

Other services that we provide:

Business consulting

Procurement and mergers

Management and structure


Due diligence

Judicial and extrajudicial expertise

Funding applications

Transfer pricing files

We know all the difficulties that an entrepreneur encounters and we know what all the successful owners require.

Because we have both the exact figures and the right tools: accounts, HR, taxation and business consulting.

There is no doubt in our mind that you can learn how to do everything by yourself. But we are already doing this very well and you have other, better things to do for sure.

Advice from a financial-accounting expert to future successful people:

  • Never postpone the reports that you can generate today. You shall regret it, i.e. you shall waste money.
  • Sometimes, what you plan indoors can match the outdoor “geography”, if only when the plans are made with the expert help of our consultants and your decisions are based on them.
  • Festina lente with the all the financial documents and especially with their deadline.
  • Automatization is a God given super-power. Any computer can better compute the same data faster and better than you. So… you should make everything as digital as possible.

What our customers say:

My business is handled by Horațiu Hagiu for over 20 years, since 1999. All my companies are successful, which says a lot about the people who took care of them from the financial & accounts point of view. In matters of taxation and business advice, I would never talk to anyone else.

Dan CerneaCEO Ecco Group Development SRL

Weex Global services are perfect for my company, Electrotest. I started this business with them and grow it together, and I still believe they are the best available option. There were no problems that their team could not handle along the way, and I recommend all their services.

Daniel GubaCEO Electrotest SRL

Courbi Rom has chosen the Weex Global professionalism and competency since 2005 For accounting, HR and consultancy services because it takes the best for a business to thrive. We have an excellent collaboration with their team and I recommend them with all my heart.

Marina SankevichCEO Courbi Rom